Thermal baths “Le Bagn”

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The thermal mineral water Aqua Bad Cortina

Officially recognized by Italian ministry of health as thermal-mineral water
on September 20th, 2019, edict nr. 4324,
for mud bath therapy. 
Thermal sulfate – calcium – magnesium mineral water, microbiologically pure.

Exclusive bath experience!

The first bathtub in the world made of healthy silver quartzite, surrounded, supported and perfumed by cirmolo (pine wood), filled with beneficial mineral water!

Living the 5 senses!

The mineral water „Aqua Bad Cortina“ mineralises the body, quenches thirst and restores suppleness to the skin;
The fresh pine scent provides relaxation!
The Larch wood neutralises radiation and has a protective effect;
The silver quartzite is felt on the skin while it cleans and sanitises it;
The melody of the water relaxes;
The views of Marebbe, the forest and the sky give width, height and depth.

You too, awaken your sixth sense!

The first time the water Aqua Bad Cortina was analysed in 1890. It is described as water containing sulphate, fluoride, calcium, iodine and traces of boron, barium and bromine.

The bathing process

  • 1. you enter into the silver quartzite bathtub, already filled with water;
  • 2. the tub is then covered with pinewood, with the upper body remaining uncovered;
  • 3. during the bath, which lasts 21.42 minutes, you can enjoy a good glass of “Aqua Bad Cortina”;
  • 4. the water is then drained from the tub;
  • 5. while the water is being drained out you remain in the covered tub for a relaxing “bio-sauna-steam” for 14.28 minutes;
  • 6. after the bath pat dry before getting dressed.
  • 7. We advise you to enjoy an additional glass of water or a relaxing herbal tea in the parlour of the hotel.

Value. Price

single in two
1 bath 59 € 99 €
3 baths 170 € 270 €
7 baths 350 € 550 €

Included are 21 minutes of bathing in sulphuric mineral water in the world's first pine-panelled silver quartzite-bath, 14 minute relaxation period with “steam-bio-sauna” in the same steam bath, mineral water, “Aqua Bad Cortina”, a hand and a bath towel and exclusive use for 45 minutes of the “Ciamena da Bagn” bath room.


Book your bathroom online by simply filling out the form. Already a guest with us? In this case, simply ask for your personal code so that you can book your bath without a prepayment. You will simply pay for it upon departure.

Thermal Water Aqua Bad Cortina

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