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homemade - regional - with Aqua Bad Cortina

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Enjoy our bistrot "BIOstaria"
a tasty Dolomites experience

- Lunch only on request

- Dinner daily at h 19:19 - degustation menu, reservation requested (Tuesday day off)

Need to organize a marriage, baptism, birthday or and heartfelt celebration?
We'll be glad to help

"Le Bun pró" - The "buon appetito" at dinner time
Like at home, at Aqua Bad Cortina also, everyone gathers at the table when the pasta is boiled to be 'al dente' at the latest... :) every day on time, at 19.19 (07.19 pm) sharp. Our choice of cuisine, adopted with passion and dedication by our chef Stefan Kuprian and all our staff, has simple but bearing columns:

  • Homemade, à la minute... always and anyhow;
  • BIO quality products, fresh, genuine, seasonal;
  • Simple dishes... however: simply good;
  • Valuing native products from our soil, cultivated by our farmers;
  • Favouring organic and bio-dynamic grown products.

The love for cooking and the mountains turn out to be an exciting couple.

Gianluca Carlin
chef de cuisine

Our choice – only bio drinks

Bio wines and also the first bio beer of South Tyrol

"The winemakers applying organic and biodynamic practices in the vineyard have the possibility to achieve a tangible sign of healthy land, plants, animals, in harmony with each other. A naturalness and vitality which inevitably flows into the grape and consequencely to the wine."

The wines certified as "organic" are produced from grapes and lands where plants were not treated with pesticides, herbicides and products which are not natural; also their subsequent winemaking excludes the use of GMOs as well as additives or adjuvants produced from GMOs. The production process of wines "biodynamic" also contains the idea that the vineyard and winery are part of a unique ecosystem which moves and grows in full agreement with the phases of astrological and lunar cycles: a biodynamic wine especially implies that the winemaker has not been using yeast and manipulation for adjusting the values ​​of the natural product in terms of acidity and alcohol content.

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