Aqua 100 % BIO Cuisine

homemade - regional - with Aqua Bad Cortina

© 2024 Aqua Bad Cortina

"Bun dé"... goodmorning!
Every wake up is a miracle.

Anyway vacation is a great opportunity to become more perceptive for harmony, for silence, for melodies, for the deeper voice inside. For our truths-The Aqua Bad Cortina - the source of strength aims to be your feel-good-spot, starting from fragrances and flavours of breakfast: simple and genuine. Among all food we've carefully chosen for you, we'd be glad to recommend those most in harmony with our idea of a source of strength. At the buffet just follow the fountain symbol.

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© 2024 Aqua Bad Cortina

Thank you good Lord, thank you Mother Earth
for all that you give us!

The culinary uniqueness of Aqua Bad Cortina, is, that all homemade drinks and dishes, are enhanced by our mineral water and so take on a very particular connotation. Each taste, each sip, becomes a little "Source of Strength", a small experience that vibrates in tune with the source.

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