Wonderful vacation

Aqua Bad Cortina is definitely one of our favourite places in Italy for the family. We were able to take excursions, walk as a couple, ski, take lessons, relax... All in a very warm and welcoming surrounding. The hotel is family run and does meet the expectations of any 5 star lodging in staff professionalism and warmth. The meals were all gourmet standard prepared with local and organic fresh produce. The chef even catered to our small children taste without taking out any of the flavours offered to the adults. It is a place we will be coming back to very often.

by Hani and Lara Akhras

"Welcome to San Vigilio Dolomites!"

The Alberti Family and Staff

For us a sense of well-being means to feel at ease with the simplest things in life and comes from deep within us. These external "feel good" factors include a pleasant outdoor environment that soothes us and a desire to enjoy to the full running in the meadows and woods, breathing in fresh air, drinking a glass of pure, natural water, delightful idleness, admiring and being grateful to Mother Nature who, in the Dolomites, as in many other fascinating places in the world, has been particularly generous. This kind of "simple well-being" is the thread of Ariadne which helps us to feel at ease and in harmony with everything. 

This is what we wish with all our heart for our esteemed guests: harmony and positive vibrations through simplicity.

It is said that a wish from the heart is a good omen. It will be our pleasure and our commitment, if you want, to live a period of "simple well-being" in your company.

Famiglia Alberti Mutschlechner
and Staff

Hotel Aqua Bad Cortina - San Vigilio Dolomites

Alberti Mutschlechner Family