Aqua Bad Cortina:

mineral water from the Dolomites - UNESCO world heritage

Officially recognized by Italian ministry of health as thermal-mineral water
on September 20th, 2019, edict nr. 4324,
for mud bath therapy.
Thermal sulfate – calcium – magnesium mineral water, microbiologically pure.

Aqua Bad Cortina is one of 30 mineral waters officially recognized in South Tyrol. The first historical documents that mention the Cortina Inn date back to 1780 when the health-giving properties of the nearby spring used in public baths were first recognized. In 2003 the fountain was renovated and connected to the hotel.

Today, Aqua Bad Cortina is served in the dining room and flows from every tap of the hotel. There is a small fountain in each room for full immersion in the beneficial and curative properties of this mineral water.

In summer, our guests can visit the spring weekly - it is only 400 metres away - with Nicol, the owner, along a natural path enriched by philosophical thoughts that make it attractive and special.

A healthy water

the drinking wellbeing and sulphate baths

The well being of drinking this water
it is best expressed by drinking ideally 1 liter per day for 21 days.

Every guest of Aqua Bad Cortina can take advantage of this opportunity
free of charge.
Mineral water flows from every single tub in the house
and is also served on meals.
It is also available in sparkling version (optional).

The sulphate baths crown the properties of this water.
An experience rich of pleasant wellness results.
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